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Volunteer Day Policies: April 25th, 2020

Volunteer Policies:

Volunteer Day April 25, 2020
National Volunteer Week April 19-25, 2020

 I. INTRODUCTION: The City of Union recognizes the important role that volunteers have in the community, and that each volunteer’s time and contributions are highly valued. This document is designed to support the City of Union Volunteer Day. 

A. Volunteers: 
A volunteer is any person, approved by the City of Union, who donates service in a City sponsored volunteer program without expectation of pay or remuneration, other than reimbursement of approved incidental expenses for those services rendered.

The City of Union has several ongoing volunteer positions applications for City Council and Union City Committees are located at The Union City Hall:  

The Union Fire Department accepts applications at: 

 B. Emergency Volunteers 
In the event that emergency operations and procedures have been activated, a volunteer may be assigned to perform emergency volunteer duties authorized by the City. Emergency Volunteers will work only at approved sites, and under the direction and supervision of the requesting department. 

C. City Employees as Volunteers: 
City employees may volunteer in other departments if:  The volunteer position is with an established City volunteer program.  Duties of the position are outside the employee’s normal work duties. No work time is used to perform the volunteer duties.  The volunteer duties are performed solely at the option of the employee and there is no expectation, direct or implied, that the employee performs volunteer service. 

 D. Not a Volunteer: 
Work release inmates.  
Community service workers.  
Persons not approved by the City for volunteer service. 
Individuals under the age of 18 without a registration form signed and approved by parent or guardian.  
Individuals or groups that are volunteering for another agency are not covered by the City.  Student interns receiving college credit for work performed. 

A. Registration/Application: 
Potential volunteers must contact the City prior to performing a volunteer project or job. In general, volunteers must complete and sign a City of Union Volunteer Day Application, and return the completed forms for approval prior to start of work. Emergency contact information will be obtained from the Volunteer Registration Form in the event of an emergency. 

Volunteer firefighters should contact the Fire and EMS Department for details on applying for these volunteer positions, as their process is more involved.

People interested in volunteering for an advisory committee or board must complete appropriate forms. Anyone interested in being a Councilor or Mayor should meet with the City Recorder to discuss the election process, as these volunteer positions are filled every two years at the general election. 

Volunteers who have not reached the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian OR  Volunteers over the age of 15 may obtain written permission by a parent or legal guardian to participate. The volunteer activity that is assigned to a minor must be performed in a non-hazardous environment and comply with all appropriate requirements of child labor laws.

When working with minors observe the “Rule of Three”.  Minors should never be alone with an adult, Two project leaders (or second adult) are required for all projects were minors may be present. 

B. Screening Process: 
 Interviews may be conducted for certain positions prior to selection. Background, experience, and skills are carefully reviewed to match volunteers to appropriate assignments. It is the policy of The City of Union to screen applicants for violent and sexual crimes. Certain volunteer positions may require an additional Authorization to Release information to be completed for a background check. 

Applications are requested three weeks prior to Volunteer Day to assure adequate time for screening applications and matching volunteer projects to volunteers.

C. Approval: 
 Volunteers will receive approval of acceptance prior to starting work. 

IV. Job Description and physical requirements:
 A job description for each volunteer position or project will be provided detailing the duties, scope, and physical requirements of the work. Volunteers should carefully review the requirements with their personal physician if there are any questions about their physical ability to perform the duties. Some positions may require medical release prior to volunteer work. 

V. Vehicle Policy: 
Volunteers operating public vehicles must have an acceptable driving record that meets the City’s requirements for acceptable driving (or as outlined in the City’s Driving and Vehicle Use Policy). Accidents must be reported immediately and an incident report and accident investigation form should be completed as soon as possible. Volunteers who drive personal vehicles are required to provide proof of insurance that meets statutory requirements.

 VI. Orientation:
 A. Pre- Work Orientation After approval and prior to the onset of volunteer work, the volunteer receives a departmental and job specific review of procedures, duties, and scope of volunteer activities from supervisor. Any required personal protective equipment will be reviewed and provided. Safe work rules and rules of conduct are reviewed along with the volunteer policy and Fleet Policy, if applicable. All personnel and safety rules apply to volunteer workers. Failure to comply with safety and personnel rules can terminate the volunteer relationship.

 B. Safety Requirements
 No volunteer will be required to perform work that he or she believes to be unsafe or likely to cause injury or health risk to themselves or others.

 Volunteers are encouraged to report unsafe conditions or hazards and must report incidents/accidents immediately to supervisor.

Training, if required, will be provided for operation of specific equipment, machinery, or tools. Additionally, OR-OSHA training may be required to perform some volunteer duties

 Volunteers are required to follow all safety and security procedures while performing volunteer duties, on or off the City’s premises. Volunteers are required to wear appropriate protective equipment, clothing, and footwear at all times.

C. Emergency Procedures
Emergency procedures for each volunteer worksite will be documented and provided to supervisors and volunteer staff at time of orientation.

Procedures will include:
Emergency contact numbers for Fire/Police/Ambulance (especially if 911 service is not available in the area), The location of first aid supplies and equipment, and  Actions to take in the event of a medical emergency or accident.

D. Incident and Accident
Reporting Injuries and accidents must be reported immediately to a supervisor and an incident and accident investigation form completed, if applicable. If appropriate, secure the scene for investigation and documentation of the incident.

E. Insurance Coverage
Normally, volunteers are considered “agents” and are covered by the City’s general liability insurance while they are acting within the scope of their duties. Insurance coverage is not provided for personal property, equipment, or vehicles owned by volunteer workers.

F. Record Keeping
Volunteer workers must track their volunteer time.This is an Oregon statutory requirement. A record of volunteer hours is used to demonstrate when a volunteer is on the job for accident claims, and can be used to verify work experience for job references.

VII. Performance Measurement
Supervisors should monitor and take disciplinary action including and up to termination of volunteer relationship when policy or work practices are unacceptable

VIII. Forms
Volunteer Application with signature required for minors under 15

Project Request Form

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